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Haag Certified Inspectors at Marshall Roofing in Edmonton

What Is a Haag Certified Inspector?
At Marshall Roofing, we have Haag certified inspectors. A Haag Certified Inspector (HCI) has undergone the Haag training program, an intensive 3-day program that trains residential roof, commercial roof, and wind damage inspectors on damage assessment and testing. The program is designed for intermediate level professionals.

Once certified, a Haag inspector is able to offer quick and accurate inspection of roof damage and evaluate it. Thanks to the Haag certification your findings report and conclusions can carry true credibility and authority in the roofing and insurance industries.

Marshall Roofing’s Haag Certified Inspectors
Marshall Roofing employs two certified Haag inspectors: Richard Marshall is a Haag Certified Inspector for residential roofs and wind damage (201504321), and Ian Haddow is a Haag Certified Inspector for residential roofs (201412214).